Our Story

Chris and Anita have been working throughout the Coachella Valley for over 20 years in the restaurant industry. Chris has had the opportunity to build a great reputation based on his attention to detail and his service standards for patrons. Anita likewise has worked at a few premiere establishments in the Valley that bring only the best customer service and food to the table. Together they were inspired to bring a dream to reality in creating a restaurant focused on service, food and the customer. RD RNNR has been built with their experience, hard work and vision to deliver a unique and updated option to this Valley.

Our Approach

RD RNNR is here to bring a new experience to you.  It’s dedicated to specializing in not one thing, but in great.  Great food, great service, great libations. RD RNNR wants to be your place for great!  A Craft American restaurant using local farm to table ingredients, refreshing craft cocktails and a well balanced selection of hops and rotating craft taps all set in a casual and hip vibe right in the heart of Old Town La Quinta.

Come for good times and memorable vibes!

Our RNNR Team